EuroSwim-partnership to focus on TrygFonden foundation message ”Respect for water”

The new LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships partnership reminds us to have respect for water.

The 2017 Len European Short Course Championships to be held in Copenhagen December 13-17 will show swimmers and spectators the important message “Respect for water”. This message and theme is the result of the new partnership agreement between the Danish Swimming Federation and the TrygFonden Foundation.

To have respect for water is already at the centre of TrygFonden’s key areas. Through several years, this message has been a priority. But the message will ring even louder come these next few months, when it finds its way to the international swimming stage during the European Short Course Championships to be held in the brand new Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Denmark is a small country where the water is never far away. We have beautiful coastlines, lakes and rivers including indoor and outdoor swimming pools. We treasure any kind of activity in water, especially the upcoming swimming championships. However, every year too many people drown as a result of an accident, and thousands have a near drowning experience. TrygFonden wishes to reduce these statistics through prevention, education and lifesaving services. And this is where the partnership comes into play reminding us to have respect for water.

- We wish to increase safety where people and water meet. Unfortunately, far too many children and adults cannot swim. In TrygFonden, we wish to change that picture, which is why we are really looking forward to the possibilities in this partnership. Our message will be both visible and clear in this setting. To us, swimming is a general skill that everyone should be able to master the same way as for example cycling. It should be for everyone to experience the joy of swimming and to acquire the ability of being safe in and around water. This includes also the knowledge of risks connected to water activities; this way, we will be able to take care of ourselves and others. In short, we have to have respect for water, says CEO of TrygFonden, Gurli Martinussen.

The European Short Course Swimming Championships partnership includes a new name for a selected group of swimmers who will represent the championships as official Respect for water EC-ambassadors.
At the same time, a special camp for spectators and clubs coming to the championships will also change its name to Respect for water EC Camp.
Further, the partnership will have visibility several places in Royal Arena with the Respect for water-message appearing on boards, backdrops etc.

The Danish Swimming Federation also expresses its delight with the new partnership:

- Throughout many years, we’ve treasured our close corporation with TrygFonden regarding both swimming and water safety. This is ensured through the collaboration TrygFonden Coast Life Saving and the project “Getting Denmark Swimming”. Further, TrygFonden has committed to our highly popular open water meet Copenhagen Swim, which is now named TrygFonden Copenhagen Swim. We work together really well on the key area of water safety, a focus that will now be taken to a higher level. Therefore, I welcome this new partnership and find another international swimming championship in Denmark the perfect occasion to raise awareness of the important message “Respect for water”, says CEO of Danish Swimming Federation, Pia Holmen.

Facts on TrygFonden

The foundation of TrygFonden takes care of TryghedsGruppen’s non-profit work. The group TryghedsGruppen owns the insurance company Tryg and creates value and safety through long term investments and non-profit handouts. Read more on

Facts on LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships

The LEN European Short Course Championships will take place December 13-17 2017, and it will be the first sporting event in Royal Arena. The arena is transformed into a swimming stadium with room for 6,500 spectators per session.

Partners of the LEN European Short Course Championships 2017: Danish Swimming Federation, Sport Event Denmark, the City of Copenhagen, Wonderful Copenhagen, the Capital Region, and the largest swimming club of Copenhagen, Hovedstadens Swimming Club.

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