EuroSwim 2017 reaches 8.000 tickets sold

By: Mads Gerner Pedersen

The ticket sales is moving forward in a steady pace and just before the summer-break the sales have reached 8.000 tickets.

The 8.000 tickets are mostly sold to the Danish swimming fans, but at present time, fans from Norway and Sweden have bought almost 500 tickets. In addition, both the Swedish and Finish swimming federations are in the process of arranging trips for their fans. In total, fans from 10 countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Albania, The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium) have bought tickets for EuroSwim 2017.

There is good signs pointing towards EuroSwim becoming the international swimming party that the hosts are hoping for.

Signs are pointing towards the most attractive tickets are for the weekend and as close to the pool as possible. There is almost sold out of category 1 tickets, both as full-day tickets and final-tickets for Saturday and Sunday. However it is still possible to get category 1-placing for the weekend if you buy weekend- og partout-tickets, but those are also close to sold out.

Remember that you can always buy tickets at, but if you have any special requests, or would like to buy large quantities, please contact Mads Gerner Pedersen at