Ticketsales reach 7 countries

By: Mads Gerner Pedersen

Nine months prior to the LEN European Short Course Championships 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark more than 5500 tickets are sold to seven European countries.

For any international sportevent the amount of spectators in the arena is a large parameter of succes. This is no different at EuroSwim 2017.

With a fantastic new venue as Royal Arena, close to both airport, metro and the bridge to Sweden, the EuroSwim-team is aiming at attracting a lot of spectators - not only Danish, but from all over Europe, to make this an international swimming party.

At present time sales are well above 5500 tickets, primarily for evening and weekend sessions. It is very nice to see that, apart from Denmark, such different countries as Albania, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Great Britain are represented.

You can always buy tickets at, but if you have any special questions or large-scale demand, you can contact